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Rajab Shah: Pakistan’s Forgotten Mountaineer

A great piece in Dawn.com today on Rajab Shah. A man i once had the honor to meet in Shimshal 15 years ago. http://www.dawn.com/news/1262638/the-last-ascent-of-rajab-shah-pakistans-forgotten-mountaineer    

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Welcome to Karakorams.com. Ours is a non-profit/largely non-partisan website on trekking in Pakistan. All the information you will find here is based on our personal experience of trekking in the region. Admittedly, we're not hard-core mountaineers but nor are we simply content with just traveling and visiting towns and villages in the Northern Areas. Our travelogues and resources will attest to our wide range of experiences in these mountains, mostly off the beaten track. Triumphs or failures, moments of glory or utter desperation, this is our life and these are our travels. And we love it.